Travel Video – Senegal

Howdy all! Hope you're week has started well. Today I bring you a video I shot in Senegal when I was there nearly 10 years ago now! I visit the capital Dakar, Isle de Goree and Saint Louis. Enjoy! Thanks for visiting - May the Journey Never End!

Ethiopia – Through My Lens (Part One)

Howdy all. So sorry I can't seem to nail these things down in one post. But such is life I guess. Ethiopia, it's pretty wonderful really. My favourite country in Africa. Today a selection of photos from the capital Addis Ababa and Lalibela, a short flight from Addis and the home to a series of …

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First Taste – Pyin Oo Lwin (Myanmar)

It’s been a while since I did a ‘First Taste’ – this is a series of blogs I’ve done on the place I first arrived when I went to a country, also for the first time. So today I’m going back a couple of years to the town which introduced me to Myanmar, the hill-village …

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Sunday Spotlight – Hoi An, Vietnam

Yes! Sunday Spotlight is back! And today a trip for me down memory lane (has it really been that long?) to 2011 and my visit to Vietnam. Sort of halfway up the coast is the little town of Hoi An, with a charming old town, welcoming tourists happily and with welcoming arms. It’s a great …

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Paris Through My Lens – Part Two

Again we're looking at Paris as I saw it a couple of months back now, but obviously a completely different set of pictures. Again I look into the Musee D'Dorsay - and particular a couple of paintings by Mr Vincent Van Gogh (one will mean a bit to Doctor Who fans out there!). Then there's …

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On the Shinkansen

It seems odd that I’ve never done a post specifically on the Shinkansen before. One reason is that I didn’t have ANY pictures despite having used the Shinkansen many times since first visiting Japan in 2011. So today’s Train Journeys is going to look at this Japanese marvel of modern technology getting you from A …

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Accommodation Review – Elmwood Hotel, London

When in London in May I stayed for a week in an Air BnB apartment. The final night however, I decided I would try and find a hotel near St Pancras station. This was because the next morning I had to take the Eurostar to Paris. So I looked around for something suitable and not …

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