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City Rumble – Bishkek versus Tashkent

You know I concentrate the bulk of my city rumbles on well-known places, but I thought it was time to write a bit more about Central Asia so I hit upon the plan to pit the capital of Kyrgyzstan against the capital of its neighbour, Uzbekistan. Bishkek is the pleasant, leafy capital of Kyrgyzstan, a country that when you type

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Feature on Urban Duniya

Hi everyone! Just a quick post today – I’ve been featured on a wonderful travel blog by Tim Blight who writes on Australia and Pakistan mostly. I did an interview where I had to choose a city and talk about it – I chose Almaty. Please do check it out! Andy Loves Almaty Ok, I didn’t choose the title. A

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Sunday Spotlight – Samarkand

Welcome to the sunniest of Sunday Spotlights, concluding this week’s look at Central Asia. Samarkand is a city full of rich history and beautiful Islamic architecture. Bukhara has a more clear distinction between old and new cities, but Samarkand’s ancient treasures seem to be weaved into the modern city a lot more than the equally amazing city a few hours

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Value Destinations – Uzbekistan

Hi everyone! In the new year I am searching for some new ideas for posts, and this is one I’ve come up with ‘Value Destinations’ – that’s places that I reckon represent a decent bang for your buck. Some places can be quite frustrating because money disappears at a rate if knots, your accommodation is a little more expensive than

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