Dhaka to Dakar: Book Two – Europe

Dhaka to Dakar: Book Two- Europe

 new cover europe copy

Book Two: Europe (Amazon US Link) .

Book Two: Europe (Amazon UK Link).


From Turkey across to Europe, through Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and the ex-Yugoslav states into Germany and up to Poland. Europe is always a fantastic place to visit. This journey focussed more on East than West Europe. The most eye-opening place? Definitely Bosnia! The most beautiful? Harder to say… Slovenia and Slovakia are certainly undiscovered gems when it comes to European beauty. Poland sees me visit Auchwitz, and see the darkest chapter of World War II first hand. Berlin is a vibrant city, and Romania is certainly creppy, and that has NOTHING to do with Dracula! Friendliest people – a surprising nod to Belgrade, Serbia!


Also available in single chapters:


Chapter Seven: Bulgaria

Chapter Eight: Romania

cover romania

Chapter Nine: Serbia and Montenegro

cover serbia copy

Chapter Ten: Bosnia Herzegovina

cover bosnia copy

Chapter Eleven: Slovenia

cover slovenia

Chapter Twelve: Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia

cover germany czech

Chapter Thirteen: Poland and Berlin

cover poland

Chapter Fourteen: Vienna, Olomouc, Zakopane and Budapest

vienna cover copy


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