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City Rumble – Cairo Versus Amman

Let’s head to the Middle East for today’s ‘City Rumble’, I am surprised I haven’t included Cairo in a City Rumble before, and I don’t think I’ve really posted about Amman before at all. So anyways, here we are with the capitals of Egypt and Amman facing off against each other. They are, on the face of it, very different

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City Rumble – Bishkek versus Tashkent

You know I concentrate the bulk of my city rumbles on well-known places, but I thought it was time to write a bit more about Central Asia so I hit upon the plan to pit the capital of Kyrgyzstan against the capital of its neighbour, Uzbekistan. Bishkek is the pleasant, leafy capital of Kyrgyzstan, a country that when you type

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Wadi Rum – Desert of Dreams

Down the south of Jordan in the Middle East is a very special desert called Wadi Rum. I don’t write much about Jordan, probably because my memories are not so strong from my time there and my diaries are all gone, but it really was a great country to visit for a couple of weeks. Wadi Rum is in the

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Re-blog Saturday – Dubai or no Dubai?

Hi everyone. I’ve decided to do some reblogging of a Saturday. I’m going back in time and pulling out interesting old posts from my old blog back before I publicised or anything like that (so they haven’t been read by many people!) It’s interesting as an exercise and serves as a bit of a time capsule too. Today I head

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