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City Rumble – Bishkek versus Tashkent

You know I concentrate the bulk of my city rumbles on well-known places, but I thought it was time to write a bit more about Central Asia so I hit upon the plan to pit the capital of Kyrgyzstan against the capital of its neighbour, Uzbekistan. Bishkek is the pleasant, leafy capital of Kyrgyzstan, a country that when you type

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Wadi Rum – Desert of Dreams

Down the south of Jordan in the Middle East is a very special desert called Wadi Rum. I don’t write much about Jordan, probably because my memories are not so strong from my time there and my diaries are all gone, but it really was a great country to visit for a couple of weeks. Wadi Rum is in the

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Re-blog Saturday – Dubai or no Dubai?

Hi everyone. I’ve decided to do some reblogging of a Saturday. I’m going back in time and pulling out interesting old posts from my old blog back before I publicised or anything like that (so they haven’t been read by many people!) It’s interesting as an exercise and serves as a bit of a time capsule too. Today I head

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First Taste – Alexandria [Egypt]

One’s first impression of a country usually has a big impact on the rest of the time you spend in a place. If you get a good vibe after stepping off the plane, that can often last with you for quite a while and make your experience somewhere positive. In exact contrast, if you have a bad start to a

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