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Seven on Sunday – Things I’m Looking Forward To…

Later today I leave for six weeks away, visiting China, Mongolia, Russia, England, France and Japan. Here is my list of the top seven things I’m looking forward to. Not working But seriously, right? This is going to be so nice not getting up early for split shifts, away from the monotony of work. Not that I’m not fortunate to

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Train Journeys – Nariz Del Diablo, Ecuador

Ecuador has recently got a number of trains up and running, and polished up the service on some of the others like the ‘Nariz del Diablo’ – The Nose of the Devil. This is a good thing. Probably. Well I prefer train journeys that are proper journeys instead of a short tourist ride to be honest. The train to Machu

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Riobamba and Nariz Del Diablo

​Howdy all. I have just arrived in the southern Ecuadorian city of Cuenca. I’m moving fast at the moment, frankly a little too fast but this is what happens when you have dates lockedd in further down the track (Macchu Picchu soecifically). Riobamba was an interesting place. Not unpleasant, lots of squares and interesting buildings. I checked out the free

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