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Seven on Sunday – Things I’m Looking Forward To…

Later today I leave for six weeks away, visiting China, Mongolia, Russia, England, France and Japan. Here is my list of the top seven things I’m looking forward to. Not working But seriously, right? This is going to be so nice not getting up early for split shifts, away from the monotony of work. Not that I’m not fortunate to

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Accommodation Review – Cosmic Guesthouse, Hong Kong

To stop for a second wrapping all my accommodation reviews into one post for this once, I felt that Cosmic Guesthouse deserved its own review. Not because it was the most amazing place I’ve ever stayed, neither was it the most dire. But it certainly is an institution. I mean, it’s not often that you find your guesthouse many floors

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A Morning on the Ganges in Varanasi

It was very early in the morning, well before six o’clock. A guesthouse by the Ganges, no sign of the sun. I knew I’d have to get up early, which meant naturally that I couldn’t sleep when I needed to because of the thought of waking up. Still, the alarm went off at not much past five am, I threw

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