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Losing it in the Louvre

And for my first post from La France… yeah I’m going to have a whine. And it’s all very hypcritical of me really because basically I am bemoaning tourism in 2017 despite clearly being a tourist myself. But I have to be honest, the experience of visiting the Louvre Museum in Paris, probably the most famous museum in the entire

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Buildings of Buenos Aires – National Museum of Decorative Arts

So. This is another truly remarkable building in the Argentinian capital, Buenos Aires. Now, one could be easily fooled by the title, couldn’t one? I mean, it sounds like a few mostly beige rooms with fancy cups that definitely wouldn’t be on my list of places to see. In fact, if my wife hadn’t been dead set on going to

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Buildings of Buenos Aires – Palacio Paz

South America has some amazing historical buildings. Yes – many are colonial and perhaps a remnant of a darker past, but others are newer and many just blow your socks off. One such building is the Palacio Paz in Buenos Aires. And if you are looking to have your mind blown by a combination of incredible architecture with some seriously

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