Navruz Palace – Is this the most INSANE building in Tajikistan?

If you are a fan of giant, grandly decorated overblown buildings, then this one in Dushanbe, Tajikistan is one you'll not want to miss! Take a look inside one of the WORLD's most insane, yet perhaps beautiful in its own way, buildings!

Melbourne’s Beautiful Shrine of Remembrance

One spot in Melbourne that I think often gets overlooked by visitors is its amazing Shrine of Remembrance, which is located on St Kilda roads in the precinct of the Botanical Gardens. It sees its fair share of visitors without being massively busy, I visited it a few weeks back and frankly was surprised by …

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Little Places – Royal Gaitor, Jaipur, India

Head to Jaipur, Rajasthan and take a tour. It’s sure to include a site known as the ‘Royal Gaitor’. It’s not far from the city walls (but it is outside), but it doesn’t seem to rate in the pantheon of sites of Jaipur – from the city palace to the Amber Fort which is a …

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A Tour of the Sydney Opera House

If there are three main images of landmarks that foreigners associate with Australia, I’m guessing they are Uluru, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the incredible building that sits opposite it over the harbour just a tad, the Sydney Opera House. I visited at some point as a kid, I don’t really remember when exactly, but …

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Jodhpur’s Incredible Mehrangarh Fort

If there were an award for most amazing fort of the year that I dished out from my blog, then the clear winner for 2018 would be Mehrangarh Fort, sitting atop a rocky hill 420 feet above the blue city of Jodhpur. Why – I visited forts in Jaipur, Jaisalmer and Delhi whilst in India …

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City Rumble – Cairo Versus Amman

Let’s head to the Middle East for today’s ‘City Rumble’, I am surprised I haven’t included Cairo in a City Rumble before, and I don’t think I’ve really posted about Amman before at all. So anyways, here we are with the capitals of Egypt and Amman facing off against each other. They are, on the …

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