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So, I Took an Intrepid Tour – to Galapagos

Last year at the start of October I began my South American Adventure with a visit to Galapagos. I wasn’t really sure how I was going to do it, I wasn’t sure what the best way to visit it was to be honest. It seemed to me that I really needed to consider taking a tour because doing it solo

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Train Journeys – Nariz Del Diablo, Ecuador

Ecuador has recently got a number of trains up and running, and polished up the service on some of the others like the ‘Nariz del Diablo’ – The Nose of the Devil. This is a good thing. Probably. Well I prefer train journeys that are proper journeys instead of a short tourist ride to be honest. The train to Machu

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Buildings of Buenos Aires – Palacio Paz

South America has some amazing historical buildings. Yes – many are colonial and perhaps a remnant of a darker past, but others are newer and many just blow your socks off. One such building is the Palacio Paz in Buenos Aires. And if you are looking to have your mind blown by a combination of incredible architecture with some seriously

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