A Tour of Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia – The Full Lowdown!

Destination Bolivia is full of interesting landscapes, colour, mountains, winding roads and more. One of the most popular places to visit, usually on a tour from the town of Uyuni, are the incredible Salt Plains – Salar de Uyuni. I’ve been to plenty of different places in my life, from the fire pit that is the Darvaza Crater in Turkmenistan, to the Sahara Desert in the middle of Niger, but I don’t think I’ve been to a place that gave you the feeling you were on another planet quite like the Salar de Uyuni.

Touts, Hassle and Hustlers – Dealing with travel’s ‘Sticky Moments’

We all know that travel comes with some challenges sometimes, sometimes things just don’t run smoothly, you forget things, you miss a connection, you get sick at the wrong time. All of these are hassles, but two hassles that you KNOW you will encounter when you go to certain places – for example Morocco, India, Egypt, parts of SE Asia for example, are touts and hustlers. How do you spot one before it's too late, and how should you deal with the situation? I examine these two questions.

Essential Tips for Travel to Bolivia

Bolivia is full of rewarding places to visit. I strolled through in a little less than two weeks and probably should have stayed longer. Like quite a bit of the continent, it’s at altitude, from Lake Titicaca in the north of the country, to the salt plains in the south. There's so much in this country that you probably never realised. So read on to find out what, where and how!

Need to Know – Destination: Galapagos Islands

Well, they are a group of islands (hardly surprising lol) which belong to the country of Ecuador. They are not exactly sitting just off the Ecuadorian coast though, in fact they are around 1400km from Ecuador, which means there aren’t a lot of buses going there. They sit in the Pacific Ocean, a group of …

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Turkmenistan – The FULL Story Part Two – Ashgabat, Merw and Mary

Howdy all! Yes, it’s back to Turkmenistan today for some of the world’s most interesting and different travel sites as I explore this bizarre and draw-dropping destination. Last week I presented the fist part – here >>> Turkmenistan – A 5-Day Tour Part One – and today I will conclude this amazing adventure, hard to …

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Turkmenistan 5-Day Tour – The FULL STORY (Part One)

Howdy all. I have planned to write a detailed dissection of my tour through Turkmenistan last year, a country which is a hell of a destination, and one that is generally off the traditional and well-worn ‘travel map’ as it were. And today is the day! I wind the clock back nine months (with 2020 …

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My Favorite Cities in India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan

Folks, I’ve taken you to all parts of the globe, at least as far as I’ve been, and shared my favourite cities. But this here is my last post in this regard. And some great cities and towns on this list. I always find it impossible to lump what is sometimes called the ‘sub-continent’ in …

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Why Cambridge is the Perfect Day Trip from London

Hi all. It’s time to turn your attention to the United Kingdom today, to the delightful University town which is Cambridge. I was there a couple of years back now. I swept in by train in the morning from London and headed northwards in the afternoon to Sheffield where I was staying the night. From …

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