Adventure in Cameroon Part Two – Limbe, Bamenda and the Ring Road

Today I have a second video from Cameroon seeing me head north from Limbe and Douala to the Anglophone part of the country. I take in Limbe and its incredible primate-filled wildlife sanctuary, and also explore the Ring Road area based in Bamenda.

I Went to Mali – So You Don’t Have To!

Howdy all. So here’s the idea right. It’s self-isolation time for many of us. It’s minimising social interactions and going out. With Covid-19 or the Coronavirus if you prefer, staying home is a big thing right now. And one thing that it’s virtually impossible or at least highly advised against doing is travelling, particularly internationally. …

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Discovering the capitals of West Africa

West Africa is not the first region people think of travelling to, especially from the west. The capital cities are often where the most money may be – in any country, not just in Africa – and they often can shine a little light into the past as well. Some cities show evidence of an …

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Photos from the ‘Other’ Bali – Cameroon

Howdy all, hope this post finds you well. One of the highlights of my time a few years back now in Cameroon was a visit to the village of ‘Bali’. For Australians, ‘Bali’ generally will only ever mean the Indonesian island where we flock in droves. (not me, not yet!) In fact, I would presume …

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Transport Adventures – West Africa

Yes, back to West Africa again. Transport in West Africa is possibly THE reason to go if you’re seriously into adventure. I say this because every journey in West Africa is a major adventure. From tro-tros to share-taxis to buses and even the occasional train, West Africa is not for the feint-hearted who like smooth …

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The Incredible Churches of Lalibela

Somewhere in the mountains, north of the capital Addis Ababa, is a very special town called Lalibela. As a traveller to Ethiopia, you’re probably going to put this town on your itinerary. Why? Because it has 11 of the most amazing churches you are likely to see, built/created/carved in the late 12th and 13th centuries. …

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