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Welcome to the homepage of Andy’s World Journeys.


My name is Andrew Boland, I am a travel author and blogger from Australia.

I have visited 84 countries so far in my life, and am very keen to share my experiences with people. In 2019 I travelled Central Asia, Spain and Portugal but 2020 has seen me stuck at home as many people have been.  I’ve been blogging about travel now since 2006. I started blogging to keep in obviously stuck with people at home whilst I traversed West Africa.

These days I try to recount as many experiences in travel that I can and to bring interesting travel news or videos I find to readers’ attention. I like to review places I’ve stayed and eaten at both at home and abroad of course. 

Hopefully 2021 will see us return to the skies, and for me to go a few more places. I spent a couple of years in Japan teaching English and you’ll find a few posts working for Interac on my blog. 

You can contact me through the blog, or via my email – andyjamesb75@gmail.com

You can also find me at twitter on: @WorldJourneys75

Instagram: @worldjourneys

On facebook at: Andy’s World Journeys

My Youtube Channel: Andy’s World Journeys


Privacy Policy

I don’t personally collect any data about who visits my site except for what Word Press provides for all who use their services. If you comment I will try and check out your blog if you have one. Word Press sites use cookies. I don’t collect personal information or send out any spam.I’m using Google Adsense and so Google uses cookies and may collect data. When commenting please be respectful. Anything abusive in any way will be removed. Thanks for your understanding.

Any questions/issues please contact me via email – andyjamesb75@gmail.com


45 thoughts on “About & Privacy

  1. Hi, nice to meet you! Thanks for follow my blog and I look forward to share our “trip” experiences! Your books look interesting and I wish you big success. Bye. Have a good day! Kamila

  2. I love your blog and the stories are well written. I found it from Maverickbird’s Very Inspiring Blog Award post and I’m an immediate fan and new follower; I see why she complimented you so much

    As with many others, I’m envious and wish I’d been able enjoy so many great experiences but we are about to embark on our own adventure so hopefully we’ll catch up to you soon. Well, not really since you’re 63 countries ahead of us .

    In a few months, my wife Diane and I are trying early retirement due to an unexpected layoff from my crappy job exactly one year ago. Since we’re both kind of young,(I am 49, Diane is 43) we chose an overseas destination because it’s more affordable.

    We love travel, want to immerse in other cultures and always had intentions of retiring young enough to experience the world while still young and fit enough to really enjoy it.

    I recently started my blog ahead of our upcoming move and populated it with stories of our transition to early retirement and previous travels to places we researched as retirement destinations. I’m constantly scouring through other blogs with similar topics looking for new friends, contacts, ideas and advice. I’d love it if you check us out at http://www.experimentalexpats.com. and give us a follow or share if you enjoy my writing.

    We’ve never visited our intended destination (Penang) so our move is a real leap of faith. Anyway, I look forward to reading a lot more of your blog and thanks for sharing !!

    Travel well
    Rob and Diane

  3. Great to find you and looking forward to reading about your adventures… 69 countries. Wow, and I thought I’d been to a lot of places! Alttough i am still going of course 🙂

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  5. Andy, I’d like to interview you on my blog, interested? I would love to hear your experiences and believe my readers would as well. If interested let me know. Thanks.

  6. Hi Andy,

    Can’t find your email on the blog so leaving you a comment. Feel free to delete once you’ve read it.

    I’ll be doing a post within the next few weeks and I’m hoping to get contributions from a few bloggers. The subject will be the most over-rated places according to different bloggers. If it can be supplemented with nearby alternatives that would be a bonus. The idea of the post was inspired by our visit last weekend to Bran Castle (a real disappointment – one of the most overhyped places we’ve been). I may counter that with a suggestion to go to Rasnov or Peles castle (which we are planning to visit this coming weekend). Another example for us was Neushwanstein Castle in Germany which was just too touristy. We much preferred the Ehrenberg Ruins right across the border in Austria.
    So basically: What touristy destination do you think is a real tourist trap and what would you recommend instead? If you’re inspired you can list more than one. It doesn’t have to be a site, it can be a country, a popular destination spot, etc. A place that really disappointed you.
    Would be great if you could contribute something. It can be a short paragraph accompanied by a photo or two (the disappointing place and the place you recommend instead). I’m hoping I can get contributions from 5 to 10 of our favorite bloggers (from our blog roll – you’re on the list). I’m hoping that I can put it together and post it by mid-next week so if you would be able to submit something by next Monday it would be great. I’ll of course link any of your posts on the locations in question.

    Please let me know if you’re interested. As I say, you can keep it short – would just be nice to include you.


  7. Saul

    Hi Andrew,

    This is Saul at GPSmyCity. We are interested in sponsoring a giveaway on your blog for mutual benefits. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please reply to my email at

    your earliest convenience. Thank you.

    Kind regards,
    Saul Tarasov,

  8. Hi Andy, I remember you saying when you went self-hosting you lost traffic and it took months to get it back; can you remember how many months!? It’s almost 6 months since I went self-hosting and my traffic, likes and comments is still only a fraction of what my wp.com blog used to get. I’ve contacted tech support many times and they keep saying “shou ga nai” (only in more words in English!) and that there is nothing technically wrong with my site, but I’m getting frustrated… I’ve to put in 100 times the work for a fifth or less of the traffic. I also remember you saying you had to work quite hard to get it back; was there one thing in particular you found helped? Thank you so much.

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