My Favourite Cities in North America

Howdy all – it’s Sunday at that’s time to look over to North America and I am talking about my favourite cities on this continent. Obviously right now is not the time for travel, but hopefully it will be again soon enough. So here are my personal favourite cities that I have visited in the States, and of course – why!

San Francisco

Genuinely an interesting city, over on the west coast of the USA, one of the hilliest cities you are likely to find. It’s very different from any of the other American cities I have visited, with a history of fire and earthquakes, the amazingly beautiful Golden Gate Bridge over the bay, a stunning view indeed.

Home to some great theatre, including the BATS improve group, full of so many different cuisines to try including a lot of brilliant Chinese food, San Francisco is an open, tolerant place with friendly bars and friendly people.

Take the tram down to Fisherman’s wharf, see the windy and picturesque Lombard street, make your way up the Coit Tower for amazing views of the city and bay, and also the Palace of the Fine Arts is an amazing place too, feeling completely out of place in a way with European style structures, it was originally built in 1915 for the Panama-Pacific Exposition. San Francisco is definitely my favourite city in California.

Quebec City

Parks are a feature of Quebec City.

For something quite different, up in Canada Quebec City was probably the most attractive Canadian cities that I visited. You can see the history of the place in all the amazing buildings here, including the citadel which is a must-visit.

The St Lawrence River roars through the city, where most if not all people speak French, and for this and many other reasons, Quebec City is a ‘one-of-a-kind’ city in North America. Far more relaxed (and indeed smaller) than Montreal or Toronto, this is my favourite Canadian city, although I must confess to not having explored a lot of the second-largest country in the world.


Photo from 2004, but I remember seeing this building in 1999.
Boston. I took this on my return in 2004

How much did I like Boston? Actually, now that I think about it Boston is a lot of fun, a great place to visit as a foreigner with the university crowd and a youthful vibrancy, even though it is one of the USA’s oldest cities. It is full of history, loads of historical buildings to visit, you can visit some of the universities too (colleges), parks, cafes, restaurants.

Washington DC

White House no fence.

Okay, so I don’t want to go crazy or anything but I do think that Washington the city is one that the visitor to the States needs to visit. To walk past the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, it’s all regally laid out for the visitor and it is truly awe-inspiring. Even if you have no interest in politics, you will love DC!

New York City

New York City from the Empire State Building, 1999.

And so I would have liked a longer list here, but frankly it’s been a long time since I’ve been to North America and I haven’t covered it as thoroughly as other continents. Well, at least not as thoroughly as Europe and Asia, and also probably Africa. I haven’t been to Mexico at all so I only have cities from two countries to go on. But I suspect that even if I did, if I spent a year in North America from city to city, town to town, that New York is going to win outright as my favourite place there.

It is everything you might imagine it to be if you’ve never been and more. From Central Park, to Broadway, to the Statue of Liberty. It is one of the world’s great cities, and still today I think what most people outside the states first think of when they think of America. It’s featured in so many films, so many TV series, and to be there, to see it come to life in front of your eyes, to ride the subway, to club there, to see Times Square, roam the streets, see a show. SIGH. I’m not going to list the sights, you know what they are!

And a moment to think of the people in New York who have copped Covid-19 worse than anywhere in the States, perhaps the world. The city that never sleeps right now is, I suspect, quieter than it has been for over 200 years. It will be back, bigger and better than ever.


Thanks for reading today. What cities would you recommend which I haven’t included? Please to comment – and May the Journey Never End!

11 thoughts on “My Favourite Cities in North America

  1. There’s just nothing like New York City! Boston was also a unique and fun visit, but New Orleans is my top pick. San Francisco is on the bucket list, keep hearing great things about it I never realized!

  2. Great post! After Seattle, New York and San Francisco are at the top of my list … a hidden gem is San Fran’s Chinatown, have you been? Had the most amazing pork buns and mai tai’s there!

  3. New York, San Francisco, Washington are on my USA list. Quebec, Ottawa and Vancouver on my Canada list:) if I ever make it there one day…..

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