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On the Shinkansen

It seems odd that I’ve never done a post specifically on the Shinkansen before. One reason is that I didn’t have ANY pictures despite having used the Shinkansen many times since first visiting Japan in 2011. So today’s Train Journeys is going to look at this Japanese marvel of modern technology getting you from A to B in the blink

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First Taste – Kyoto

Well, not to start with a spoiler but, you know you’ve done well when you’re first taste of a country is your favourite place there five years later. And that’s Kyoto in a nutshell! I challenge anyone to visit and not simply love Kyoto. I flew into Kansai Airport. It’s on the coast and services Osaka and Kyoto. I was

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Remembering the Tsunami

It was now five years ago that the Great Tohoku Earthquake occurred causing the giant tsunami together destroying houses, buildings, land and lives in Northern Honshu (and particularly Tohoku). Readers of my blog may recall that I spent two years in Ichinoseki, in Tohoku, teaching English and living there. But that was 2012 – 2014, in 2011 on March the

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Ebooks, Regrets and Not Enough Time!

Hi folks. I thought I’d just do a quick blog today as time is precious and reflect on my ebooks. For those who don’t know, In 2011-2012 I started work on getting some of my writing published – self-published as ebooks. They began with a book I’d started years earlier called ‘Dhaka to Dakar’ about my journey from Bangladesh to

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Seven on Sunday – Reasons to Visit Japan

Today I’m heading to Japan, one of the most special travel experiences you can have IMO. And here are seven reasons to go! Kitsch, anime and Karaoke   Heading to Japan you will find yourself amazed, at least in the big cities (and especially in say Akihabara) by the love of all things bright, colourful and so forth. I’m not

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