$200 and 48 Hours in…Tokyo!

You have two days and $200. Where you gonna go? TOKYO! And you know what, I think this one is EASY on $200. You'll see why...

48 Hours and $200 in London!

We fly in early on the first day, and we fly out late on the second day, meaning it’s not really a full ’48 hours’, but it does mean we only need to find a place to stay for a single night, which overall will help keeping the costs down. Thankfully a number of museums can be well priced or even free in the case of the British Museum – and that is certainly one we don’t want to miss! And that’s a good thing, because $200 for accommodation, food, attractions and souvenirs will only go so far. And how far is that ‘so far’? Well, let’s find out!

Nuts N’ Bolts Guide to… Ethiopia

So. You want to go to Ethiopia? You don’t? Let me tell you – you’re missing out. Ethiopia is a thoroughly rewarding and consistently mind-blowing country to visit. It’s a large country in an area known as the ‘Horn of Africa’, bordering Kenya, South Sudan, Sudan, Djibouti, Eritrea, Somalia and Somaliland. I think I got …

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Why you should consider Ethiopia!

Travel to Africa is often seen as exciting, adventurous, exotic, and perhaps a little dangerous. Westerners may typically imagine safaris and African animals, jungles, or perhaps poverty, whilst the north of Africa brings images of deserts and camels. If there is one country in Africa that can defy most expectations, though, that country has to …

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