Ethiopia – Through My Lens (Part One)

Howdy all. So sorry I can’t seem to nail these things down in one post. But such is life I guess. Ethiopia, it’s pretty wonderful really. My favourite country in Africa. Today a selection of photos from the capital Addis Ababa and Lalibela, a short flight from Addis and the home to a series of incredible rock-hewn churches. Enjoy!

One of the main roads in Addis Ababa.
A man spends some time soul searching on a large rock in Lalibela.
In Ethiopia the lion is king.
Perhaps the most significant of all Lalibela churches, St George’s looking out to the mountains.
Airport at Lalibela.
Dinner on traditional Injera break in Lalalibela.
A few ramshackle houses in Addis Ababa.
Inside one of the Lalibela churches
A particularly colourful car in Addis Ababa.
Bus Station Addis Ababa.

Back street of Addis Ababa.

Addis Ababa.
Me and a mock up of the skeleton of Lucy, one of the oldest ever found in the world.

Church of St George, Lalibela.

Music at dinner time in Lalibela.
Lalibela street.
Bridge to one of the churches in Lalibela.
The priests in Lalibela are happy to have you take a photo for a donation. However, it’s so dark in the churches they are not accustomed to the light and need to wear sunglasses to protect from camera flashes.
The Ras Hotel, Addis Ababa.

More next week! Thanks for reading – May the Journey Never End!


10 thoughts on “Ethiopia – Through My Lens (Part One)

  1. That church looks pretty interesting! It must be pretty cooling down for them to have the church below ground rather than above! Haha…:)

  2. Interesting pics Andy. Churches UNDER the ground? One of the most unusual things I’ve seen. Must have been a very interesting trip.

  3. Ethiopia looks incredible! Adding this one to the bucket list too! Addis Ababa looks like an interesting city, and Lalibela looks simply beautiful – churches in the rock? Cool!

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