Dhaka to Dakar

dhaka to dakar banner new copy

Dhaka to Dakar was my backpacking dream, to go from Dhaka in Bangladesh to Dakar in Senegal overland. I started the journey in 2004, but it took two separate trips to complete it. In three volumes I have written about my experiences through more than 20 countries.

These writings are available over three separate books/volumes.

Book One: Journey through Asia

Book Two: Europe

Book Three: Across Africa

These books contain 20 separate chapters, mostly sorted by country (although a couple have more than one country in them). The chapters are also available singularly on amazon, for people not wanting to buy the whole book, or interested in one specific country. This is not a travel guide.

The books retail for $1.99 on the Amazon US Site, and the individual chapters are $0.99. I also run frequent free promotions – follow the facebook or twitter feeds for the latest.

This is a link to my rather disorganised author page:



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