A Chateau Stay in Normandy

My wife was very adamant before we left Australia this year, she wanted to stay in a Chateau in France. Not just any chateau, her friend who lived in Normandy had a friend also in Normandy who ran a chateau as a B&B. And so it was that we would have a night in Chateau de la Duquerie.

This was quite the car.

We drove from a small village to the chateau in a car that was built in the late 80s but actually seemed a lot older. This Citroen resembled the old Volkswagen beetles but had a retractable roof. Comfort was not of the essence but there was something undeniably special about this car. It raced along the narrow French roads giving the impression of great speed, although it should be said the speedometer only went up to 120 Km/h and we were lucky to hit half of that. Not a digital dial in sight, this was a real car.

Along the trail we drove and parked outside this quite tall two-storey building. The Chateau was impressive from each side, with rolling grass all around, a small lake (that looks far larger in some pictures), a swimming pool and several other buildings surrounding it. We could hear the sound of a ride-on mower whirring in the distance – the grass must have taken the best part of a day to cut, even with a ride-one.

This wasn’t our room, but one nearby. Presumably for families.

Our hosts were charming. We were the only people staying there that night. They only accept limited bookings and it was mid-week. We also had been treated to some heavy downpours already that day.

The ceilings were very high, and the place stunning and well looked after. The kitchen was as large as you’d imagine a French kitchen to be. The house had had a couple of extensions on each side added, years ago now, but they were done in keeping perfectly with the rest of the house. You would hardly know unless it was something you were looking for.

View from our bedroom.

The room was perfectly appointed. A large and comfortable bed, the window gave view to the grounds which were stunning. We had a short guided walk around them and it was truly a green paradise.

Next to the room was the bathroom with a large bathtub. It was great to lie down there and just relax the day away.

Breakfast in the morning was HUGE. It was not possible to eat everything. There was so much choice. From various breads, cheeses, meats, egg, croissant, juice, tea and coffee.

It was only one night we had there, but it was splendid night indeed. We enjoyed an evening meal (not normal for guests) because our hosts were friends of my wife’s friends.

If you’re looking for a quiet, elegant and restful stay in Normandy, this might be the place for you! We paid around 120 Euros for a night there – so it’s not cheap but for any sort of similar stay you will be paying something like that or more. You really need a car to reach it, and apart from breakfast you’ll need to head out to find something for meals. But it’s such a perfect, idyllic spot, it’s really worth it.

Their website: Chateau De La Duquerie

Thanks for reading! May the Journey Never End!

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