Blogging, Preparing, Thinking, Stuff and Cairns

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Yes it’s one of those blog posts that is sort of reflective and yet forward thinking, ethereal and self-indulgent, and you know, stuff. Well life is moving along at a rapid rate with me at present. With a big trip less than three months away now, I have been taking on extra shifts and been working 100 plus fortnights, yet

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Around Australia – Glenrowan

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‘Stick ‘em up! Your money or your life!’ The catchcry reportedly (or maybe just in films) of Australia’s most notorious bush ranger, Ned Kelly. Glenrowan, in northern Victoria, is the place where his last battle with the law took place. He was taken from Glenrowan to Melbourne Gaol (worth a visit) and hanged for his crimes. And Glenrowan has since

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Brexit Stage Right?

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Hello folks if any are still out there after my prolonged absence. I have some thoughts about blogging and where I’m at to share however I think I’ll save them for another post because clearly I have a topic in mind with this one. Yes, Britain leaving the EU. Well it’s on many people’s minds. Interesting that my facebook feed

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Mid-year break. Ish.

Oh howdy! Remember me? I’m that guy who usually posts here and then suddenly didn’t. For a whole WEEK! Ehhhh time goes on. I’m just in a bit of a holding pattern here, I’ve found that blogging 5-6 times a week really takes it out of me, you know? And I’ve a couple of other projects on the go at

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Wadi Rum – Desert of Dreams

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Down the south of Jordan in the Middle East is a very special desert called Wadi Rum. I don’t write much about Jordan, probably because my memories are not so strong from my time there and my diaries are all gone, but it really was a great country to visit for a couple of weeks. Wadi Rum is in the

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