Georgia Through My Lens – Part Two

Continuing from last week’s look at my Georgian pictures, I present a selection from November and December of 2011. The weather changed quickly in November, with rain, freezing temperatures and snow seemingly coming from nowhere. I made a few trips into Batumi from the village I was living in, Jikhanjuri, including for a wedding where there was dancing, drinking, more

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London’s National Portrait Gallery

One place I went this year in London that I really enjoyed was the National Portrait Gallery. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting London with an eye on history and especially British Royalty. For starters – it, like many museums and galleries in London, is FREE. Plenty of people there to check it out, but not nearly the crush

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Travel Itineraries – Slovenia

I’ve been going through all my posts lately and putting them in ‘country’ pages, and I realised I haven’t blogged much at all about Slovenia (amongst quite a few countries I’ve been to). So I thought I’d address that. Starting today with my itinerary through Slovenia. I should point out from the very start that it was only about ten

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