Interview with – Pioneering Nigerian Travel Blogger, Eromonsele Emmanuel!

Today's travel blogger that I've interviewed is Nigerian travel blogger from Lagos, Eromonsele Emmanuel. He has a wonderful blog, with so much information for travel and life in Nigeria it's hard to know where to start! He's not just great at blogging, but he's a very active member in the blogging community as well connecting people and always around for a chat and advice. I feel privileged to have stumbled on his blog a year or more ago now. Enjoy!

Dhaka to Dakar – The ULTIMATE Itinerary

Howdy all, today I want to write about what I consider my personal ‘Ultimate’ Itinerary, a trip which I undertook over sixteen years ago now through countless countries and destinations, an overland route which saw me travel to three continents – Asia, Europe and Africa. And that was my journey from Dhaka in Bangladesh, to …

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