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Losing it in the Louvre

And for my first post from La France… yeah I’m going to have a whine. And it’s all very hypcritical of me really because basically I am bemoaning tourism in 2017 despite clearly being a tourist myself. But I have to be honest, the experience of visiting the Louvre Museum in Paris, probably the most famous museum in the entire

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London Larks

Howdy from the capital of England, Great Britain and the Whoniverse. Although that might be Cardiff these days. It’s Satuday evening, tomorrow morning I take the Eurostar to Paris. Again, it’s been a busy week here, Cambridge and Sheffield. I was planning on a bit more of a relaxing time, but well, I’ve been up to many things every day

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City Rumble – Vilnius versus Riga versus Tallinn

Time for three cities to step into the ring in the Baltic showdown to end all showdowns! Okay well, not quite. However, the three Baltic capitals are all cities with something special and indeed different to each other. And it’s been ages since I did a city rumble so it was well overdue! The Baltics are a great region of

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