Finland Versus Sweden

Howdy all. You know, Eurovision passed this year and I hadn’t done a SINGLE post on it! Well, it did occur 2 weeks after I returned home so I guess I was still adjusting to life back here in Australia after three months away, and I have managed to catch a lot of what happened …

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More of Florence’s Secrets & Beauty

Howdy all. Continuing on through my photographic exploits via my 2023 Dhaka to Dakar adventure, here are some more captures from Florence. Principally these pics were taken in three of Florence's main churches - Santa Maria del Fiore, Santa Croce and San Lorenzo. Also I visited the Palazzo di Riccardi Medici, a home of the …

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Magnificent Florence – The Centre of the Renaissance

Howdy all! The Dhaka to Dakar adventure continues into the heart of Europe, and where it all happened in the Renaissance. Florence oozes the Renaissance and also, I was pretty blown away by it on arrival. Yes, I can see how it could be a bit much for the visitor - SO much to see, …

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