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First Taste – Ho Chi Minh City

The old capital of Vietnam was my first taste of this amazing country back in 2011, and it proved to be a great place to visit. I only spent four or five days in the former Saigon, but it was a great introduction to a country I was pretty excited about visiting for the first time. So yes, Ho Chi

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Remembering the Tsunami

It was now five years ago that the Great Tohoku Earthquake occurred causing the giant tsunami together destroying houses, buildings, land and lives in Northern Honshu (and particularly Tohoku). Readers of my blog may recall that I spent two years in Ichinoseki, in Tohoku, teaching English and living there. But that was 2012 – 2014, in 2011 on March the

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Gateway Countries – Vietnam

Yes, the Friday series is back with another ‘gateway country’. This week we head on down to South East Asia, and just to shock and awe and confound you, I’m not calling ‘Thailand’ on the region, rather I am going with Vietnam as the best gateway to the region. In a region which boasts Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and more, it

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