Hotel of Doom? Pyongyang, North Korea

North Korea is probably no-one's first choice destination, but if you're like me you may well be somewhat curious as to what it's actually like. I'd seen pictures of this incredible Ryugyong Hotel before, but didn't know its story. Today, I'm sharing its story with you.

Snorkeling Wave Break Island, Gold Coast – The VIDEO!

Hi all! I've put together a short four-minute video (underwater) of my time snorkeling near Wave Bay Island on the Gold Coast. I've been trying to identify the fish I saw - I know the one with zebra-like features is the Scissortail Sergeant, but I'm lost for any others. There are at least three types …

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Riding the Train in Sri Lanka’s Hill Country

Sri Lanka’s Hill Country, as I may have mentioned in previous posts, is a cool, green wonderful region in Sri Lanka (naturally enough!). The roads are winding and often quite busy, but there’s no doubt about the best way to see and get around the Hill Country – and that’s by the train. There is …

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Train Journeys – Jodphur to Delhi

The final train journey in India for me this time round was the 611 kilometre, 11 hour journey from Rajasthan’s blue city Jodphur to the Indian capital, Delhi. I took the Salasar Super Fast, Train number 22422 in 1AC, a class I didn’t remember booking and one I had never taken before. This was the …

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Train Journeys – Jaisalmer to Jodphur

From the town in the desert to Rajasthan’s Blue City, this trip on Indian Railways was perhaps not as memorable as others I’ve taken. Why? Well, I was asleep about five minutes after we left, the scenery was mostly arid, and I’d already done this 301km segment of rail before. Mind you – I hadn’t …

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