Short Journeys: Cameroon

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Cameroon is nestled away below Nigeria in West Africa. People know Cameroon for football, and perhaps not much else as far as the rest of the world is concerned, but for the traveller and backpacker Cameroon is full of beauty and friendly people. It is a hidden gem in a region of the world that gets few visitors at present.

Marina area, Kribi
Marina area, Kribi

‘Short Journeys – Cameroon’ sees me visit Douala, Kribi, Limbe, Bamenda and the Ring Road are, and finally the capital Yaounde. I discover a beautiful, relaxed country. I spend time chilling out in Kribi, visit an amazing primate sanctuary in Limbe, and meet a King and a Cameroonian minister whilst exploring the Ring Road in north-western Cameroon.

Bamenda view
Bamenda view

This book is full of experiences and tips, with some small details on where I stayed and getting from A to B. It’s the perfect starter if you are thinking about visiting Cameroon (although it is not a guide book!) or interested in reading travelling stories. I enjoyed visiting Cameroon immensely, it was the perfect blend of adventure, relaxation and discovery.

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I visit:




Bamenda, Bali and the Ring Road area

And Yaounde.

Includes 38 photos taken by the author.


Review (posted on Amazon):

Cameroon Calling February 23, 2014
Amazon Verified Purchase
By veteran backpacker of 69 countries, Andrew Boland, the book is an easy read. Engaging and to the point, it covers several cities in Cameroon fairly comprehensively in terms of travel to and from the city, food, places to see and prices. Andrew visits Douala, Kribi, Limbe, Bamenda and Yaounde and writes clearly about what they have to offer, what to expect, what to do and more importantly, what not to do! Even though his visit to Cameroon was in 2011, he’s updated some of the prices to 2014 prices, which is always handy.The book is peppered with interesting anecdotes about his travel, which serves as a guide as to what you can expect once you’re there. There’s the lady whose bag kept moving at Andrew’s feet. He was wary, but once he saw that it was a chicken when it popped its head out, all was good. Then there’s the nightclub in Douala called `Kiss Me’ that Andrew recommends you do not visit. And last but not the least the runaway drill (a large ferocious looking monkey) in the Limbe Wildlife Centre which worked out how to leave the enclosure, and apparently came and went at its will. Ah, the excitement that is Cameroon.If you’re going, get yourself a copy. Actually, just get a copy, you’ll want to go! I certainly do.

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