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Here are all my posts concerning Japan in alphabetical order. If you find one I’ve missed, please let me know! Please note these don’t include a couple of series I wrote – The Japan Survival Guide, and The Interac Experience. They will be put up under a different list later. Updated 25/7/2015.


A Day at Fujisan Part One

A Day at Fujisan Part Two

A Day in Hakone

A Day in Morioka

The AKB48 Question

Anniversary Surprise!

Cherry Blossoms by Night

Chusonji in Winter

The Classic Overnight Bus Journey

Fish Markets and Kabuki

Foto Friday – Festival Time in Japan

The Final Wrap – School’s Out!

Golden Week and Chinatown in Yokohama

Harajuku and Naked, Wet Sumo in the Park!

How to be on Japanese TV

Japanese Girl and Boy Bands – What’s the deal?

Juxtaposing Christmases

One Last Onsen

Powerful Last Day

Review of Orbi, Yokohama

Secret Tokyo

Sayanara Aprtment


Sunday Spotlight – Hiroshima

Sunday Spotlight – Kyoto

Three Years On – The Great Tohoku Earthquake

Top Five Backpacker Sleeps – Japan

Top Ten Countries Countdown Number Six – Japan

Trains and Concept Cars Yokohama

Yokohama’s Cup Noodles Museum

Where the Wild Things Are (Safari Park)


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