Paris Through My Lens – Part Two

Again we’re looking at Paris as I saw it a couple of months back now, but obviously a completely different set of pictures. Again I look into the Musee D’Dorsay – and particular a couple of paintings by Mr Vincent Van Gogh (one will mean a bit to Doctor Who fans out there!). Then there’s also the amazing square – Place des Vosges, and of course Monmartre, a very attractive and distinctive Parisian suburb. I hope you will enjoy!

Patriotic painting in Le Petit Palais.
Courtyard of Le Petit Palais.
Les Invalides.
Snapping as he rides!

Inside the house of Victor Hugo.

Monmartre street.

Model on a shoot in Monmartre.
Inside Sacre Couer Cathedral.
Inside a little restaurant in Monmartre,
Small church – Saint Pierre, Monmartre.
Wedding photos being taken in Monmatre.
Sacre Coeur Cathedral.


Thanks for stopping by – May the Journey Never End!

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