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Cologne’s Amazing Cathedral

Europe is not short on cathedrals and churches, it must be said. From the grandiose, gargantuan cathedrals such as St Peter’s in Rome to the tiniest little countryside church, spanning centuries of building, there are so many to visit when you go to Europe it’s no wonder we all get sick of ‘oh, another church’ sooner or later. But personally

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Georgia Through My Lens – Part Two

Continuing from last week’s look at my Georgian pictures, I present a selection from November and December of 2011. The weather changed quickly in November, with rain, freezing temperatures and snow seemingly coming from nowhere. I made a few trips into Batumi from the village I was living in, Jikhanjuri, including for a wedding where there was dancing, drinking, more

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London’s National Portrait Gallery

One place I went this year in London that I really enjoyed was the National Portrait Gallery. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting London with an eye on history and especially British Royalty. For starters – it, like many museums and galleries in London, is FREE. Plenty of people there to check it out, but not nearly the crush

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