Why Cruising is the Ultimate Form of Travel (Guest Post!)

Today I have invited he amazing Anna Koss to write for you, and I posed the question to her - 'Why is Cruising the ULTIMATE form of travel? Find out what she thinks!

The Amazing Race – Good or Bad?

The Amazing Race. The TV show. Do you know it? Perhaps in some ways it’s the ultimate travel reality TV Show. For starters, I can’t think of many others except we do have one here in Australia called ‘Travel Guides’ or something where you just follow four groups of people travelling to various locations. But The Amazing Race is the only one I know of that sets challenges and has a winner and all that jazz.

I’ve Been to Six of Seven Wonders of the World! (and I didn’t know it!)

In 2007 100 million people voted to decree which were the new ‘Seven Wonders of the World’, and they decided on – the Pyramids (Egypt), Petra (Jordan), the Colosseum (Italy), The Taj Mahal (India), The Great Wall of China (not sure which country), The Statue of Christ the Redeemer (Brazil) and Chichen Itza (Mexico). Which ones have I visited?