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Travel Itineraries – USA Part Two – New Orleans to Texas

A couple of weeks ago I gave the first installment of my itinerary when I visited the USA in 2004. Today I’m continuing on from there. If you’ll remember (why not read it HERE!) I visited Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York City and Boston in my east coast adventures. I think of this itinerary as a decent one for someone

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Seven on Sunday – Things to see and do in Slovenia

Howdy all on this Sunday! Today’s seven on Sunday takes you to a pretty awesome little Mediterranean country that used to be part of the old Yugoslavia – Slovenia. I can only talk from my experiences, but I really loved this beautiful little spot! Here are seven things I did and recommend you do in Slovenia.   Listen to jazz

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Remembering the Dogon Trek, Mali

Hi all. I am planning a post for tips on Dogon Trekking as it seems a few people have been interested by my posts on this amazing place. That should be coming during the next week!   For now I will continue on with Saturday’s theme of reminiscing. What follows is my one and only post on my time in

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City Rumble – Shanghai versus Tokyo

Yes, back again with two Asian heavyweights in the ring is this week’s CITY RUMBLE. We have the centre of commerce for China, Shanghai, and Japan’s mega-capital, Tokyo lining up against each other. Both are amazing cities in their own right, both attract a lot of tourists, both boast a host of attractions and things to see and do. Population?

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Feature on Urban Duniya

Hi everyone! Just a quick post today – I’ve been featured on a wonderful travel blog by Tim Blight who writes on Australia and Pakistan mostly. I did an interview where I had to choose a city and talk about it – I chose Almaty. Please do check it out! Andy Loves Almaty Ok, I didn’t choose the title. A

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Teaching English – Georgia versus Japan

Today, teaching English as a second language in a foreign country is one of the most popular ways of working overseas for speakers of English. I personally have done this in two countries – the Republic of Georgia and Japan. The former for three months and the latter for 2 full years. I enjoyed them both enormously, but they were

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