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Train Journeys – Mornington Railway

  Hi folks. Train Journeys returns today for a quick look at a steam train that operates in Victoria, not too far from Melbourne town. The Mornington Railway runs a service on broad gauge three Sundays a month from Moorooduc to Mornington and back, three trains on the Sunday in each direction. It’s not a long or particularly scenic journey,

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Consider Bangladesh

Hello folks! Hope you’ve all been well. Today I want to talk to you about a little country called ‘Bangladesh’. Of the countries of the sub-continent, this may be the least considered when travelling of all. India speaks for itself, the Maldives are beautiful, Sri Lanka gets its share, Pakistan less so for security reasons more than anything these days,

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Seven Doctor Who Locations in the UK

Ahhhh yes it’s been ages but it is time for another Doctor Who themed post. For fans and fanatics of the series, like my self-confessed self, UK is not merely an interesting destination with centuries of history etc etc but also the place to relive the greatest TV show of all time. And no I don’t mean rush to the

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Travel Itineraries – USA Part Three

Howdy again and it’s time I returned to my planned series of itineraries by finally finishing my itinerary through the States. Part One saw me explore the east, part two New Orelans and Texas, and part three sees me go from Colorado to California. The whole itinerary needs probably a good three months, and today’s section at least 5-6 weeks

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Faces of Pakistan

  Hello all and welcome to the first in my new series of posts called ‘Faces of…’ – not to be confused with ‘face off’ the Travolta/Cage epic action flick! The idea behind these posts is to show people I met throughout my travels from different countries. The people you meet have a huge impact on the trip you have

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