Exclusive Interview – Top Travel Blogger John Polley

Today's interview with the amazing John Polley from Salsa World Traveler. John runs an exceptional blog and manages to post most days if not every day which I know is not easy. He's a huge fan of flying and airlines too and an accomplished photographer. His blog has a little for everyone from experiences, reviews and photos.

Travelling with Music – Then and Now

When doing long-term travel, or indeed any travel that involves long journeys by bus, plane or train (or anything in-between!) there’s one thing that can help pass the time. And that’s meeting others. Oh wait no, that’s not it. Watching movies. No no…. okay apart from those two things, there’s only one OTHER way of …

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2018 – To Somewhere… and Beyond!

Howdy all. Hope you are well and getting into the new year with a smile on your face! Sorry you haven’t heard too much of me of late. Actually I’ve been occasionally checking the views I am getting and finding they aren’t down as much as I was expecting, which is interesting because you know …

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