Temporary Downsizing

Hi everyone. Just a quick little post today – you may have realised that I haven’t posted in nearly a week, so here’s the deal. I’m pretty exhausted right now! I’ve been doing on average 6 posts a week for a few months now, and on top of that working an average of over 90 hours each fortnight at the same time. On top of that I have loads of video editing, story writing and shooting I’ve been doing for my other passion and well, it’s just unsustainable!

So, my plan was for a hiatus, and last week I felt like it was time. I was thinking a month or so completely offair from the blog. I could still write when I had free time and have a backlog of stuff to post. However, despite not posting I kept checking the hits, and despite not posting for five days, I still had one of the best weeks I’ve ever had – I think the third best. Which you know, was pretty ironic. And part of me didn’t want that momentum to go to waste.

So, I decided to compromise. I will, at least til my New Zealand trip by which time I need to have all my editing done by, just post once or twice a week. Just so people remember I’m still here! Lol.

So that’s where I’m at! I’m a busy boy. 2015 is catching up with me. Who knows what I’m talking ‘bout?




Sorry. May the Journey Never End!


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