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Transport Adventures – West Africa

Yes, back to West Africa again. Transport in West Africa is possibly THE reason to go if you’re seriously into adventure. I say this because every journey in West Africa is a major adventure. From tro-tros to share-taxis to buses and even the occasional train, West Africa is not for the feint-hearted who like smooth travel. No sir, it is

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Little Places – Ganvie, Benin

One of Benin’s most visited attractions is the stilted-village of Ganvie. It really is a bit of a tourist trap in some respects I guess, it’s on the Lake of Nokoue, and that is a short ride from Benin’s main (but not capital) city of Cotonou. If you are visiting this West African nation, well, this is likely to be

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Niger – Through My Lens

Well. Here it is – my last post before I jet off to South America on Sunday morning. I’m back with another photographic journey (as far as my camera skills will let me) to the land-locked West African country of Niger. A mostly desert country, Niger is probably the most remote country I’ve ever visited. Back when I visited I

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Travel Itineraries – Cameroon

Cameroon – I haven’t written about it in a while, so I thought I’d write a little about this beautiful West African nation over the next week or so. Nestled under Nigeria and above Gabon, it’s a very tropical country which doesn’t see many western tourists, but does have a lot to offer the visitor. Warning number one though –

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The Best of Train Journeys

Today’s ‘Best of’ is looking back at my four favourite ‘Train Journeys’. I’ll let you in on a secret – I think Train Journeys is my favourite segment I have written. Here are four amazing train journeys that if you’re in the region you simply must visit! 4. The Ghan – Darwin to Alice Springs This amazing journey through the

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Hospitals, Travel and Me – Burkina Faso (Part One)

Here’s my final two parts of my hospital experiences. Burkina Faso, and this is where it all happened, I got my first ever serious tropical disease, malaria. I was in Banfora, a large town (but definitely a town) six or so hours south west of the capital Ouagadougou. I remember the lead up – I’d had a great afternoon and

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