Foto Friday – the Niger River, Niamey

The end of the Epic Journey I wrote about yesterday, Niamey sits on the might Niger River, and here is said river! Read about the journey here - Cotonou (Benin) to Niamey (Niger). Thanks for popping by - May the Journey Never End!

Epic Journeys – Cotonou, Benin to Niamey, Niger

Today’s Epic Journeys takes me back a number of years now and over to West Africa, starting in the south of Benin in it’s largest city, Cotonou, and finishes in the capital of Niger, Niamey, late on the second day. A journey of just over 1000 kilometres in total, one that Google claims can be done in 16 hours. And perhaps it can, but there is a border crossing and when you do it by public transport you need to change vehicles multiple times, there’s waiting times and a night thrown in there, it ends up being a journey that I can say is truly ‘Epic’.

Discovering the capitals of West Africa

West Africa is not the first region people think of travelling to, especially from the west. The capital cities are often where the most money may be – in any country, not just in Africa – and they often can shine a little light into the past as well. Some cities show evidence of an …

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Photos from the ‘Other’ Bali – Cameroon

Howdy all, hope this post finds you well. One of the highlights of my time a few years back now in Cameroon was a visit to the village of ‘Bali’. For Australians, ‘Bali’ generally will only ever mean the Indonesian island where we flock in droves. (not me, not yet!) In fact, I would presume …

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