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World Journeys Podcast Series 2 Ep 7 – Peru and Bolivia with Elli Dean

This week I interview Elli Dean and speak to her about her recent trip to South America. In the first part of a two part interview Elli talks about her experiences in Bolivia and Peru, as well as airlines and more! Plenty of great travel tales are in store!   Next Saturday the conversation continues as Elli talks about Colombia

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First Taste – New York City

  So, my first taste of the US of A was the Big Apple, New York City. ‘Twas back 1999 at the end of my first round-the-world adventure, and I was tiring. Nevertheless, I definitely found New York City to be the highlight of my time in North America. Let’s be honest though, New York City is almost a country

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The Best of City Rumble

Although I’ve only done about half a dozen posts on ‘City Rumble’, there have already been some favourites. Here are my three favourite battles between two cities to see who came out on top!   3/ Dubai versus Astana Both are amazing cities in this post-modern world, with the most incredible assortment of buildings. Take a look!   2/ Shanghai

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