Tasting Porto – Port and Black Pudding?

Today we are heading to Portugal’s ‘second city’, the enigmatic, alluring and gastronomically pleasing Porto. This destination is not only the home of Port Wine, or as you may know it, simply ‘Port’, but actually it’s a place that I really enjoyed eating out.

Where to Eat in Melbourne – Bombay By Night

Today I’m being a bit of a foodie and reviewing a restaurant where the Indian food is sublime! ‘Bombay by Night’ is the name of my favourite Indian restaurant, and for me the good news is that it is just down the road from where I live. Melbourne is certainly blessed with great restaurants from …

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Tasting Melbourne – Valentine’s Dinner at Vanilla Lounge

Howdy all! Hope you're well wherever you are and welcome to another week on the old blog! Yes, another Valentine's day has passed us by and the year is moving along quickly. Did you do anything special for Valentine's day? I was working on Friday, the 14th, so we went out for dinner on the …

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Tasting Melbourne – Hofbrauhaus (German Restaurant)

A number of weeks ago now (well, as per when this post will appear) I visited Chinatown in Melbourne. We have a pretty decent Chinatown in the centre of town, where you certainly can find a plethora of Chinese eateries. I remember a wonderful dumpling restaurant from my fays at University that we would frequent …

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Tasting Melbourne – Japan Inn, Beaumaris

Well, after last week’s post about a Japanese restaurant in Melbourne, for something different I thought I would bring you a post about… a Japanese restaurant in Melbourne! But seriously… that’s what’s on the table today. A family birthday was on the cards last week and so it was decided that we would head to …

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