Foto Friday – Andy celebrates on Salar de Uyuni

So whilst I'm sharing pics, when I went to South America in 2016 my Aussie Rules football team had won the premiership for the first time (and only) in my life time. Trick shots are all the rage on the Salar de Uyuni, hence the shot I share with you today! Thanks for popping by, …

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Hiroshima – Through My Lens

iroshima is famous worldwide for one main thing, right? The first city to have an atomic bomb dropped on it. This may mean that some people don't consider it as the first place to go when visiting Japan, on the other hand some people probably suspect it's a must visit because of this reason. As far as destinations go, Hiroshima is an attractive city, with a baseball stadium, a castle, and a museum to that fateful day in 1945 attached to a memorial visitors really shouldn't miss when there.