It’s Australia! Through My Lens!

Howdy all. It’s the 26th of January today, and in Australia this is Australia Day. It is, as I have mentioned before, a controversial day because it denotes the day that the native people of this country had it invaded by the British. There is a movement here to ‘Change the Date’, and for the record, I am all for changing the date. It seems in 2021 something that is unlikely to happen, I admit, but who knows perhaps a more progressive future lies ahead of us. I sure hope so.

Still, it seems for now a decent day to share a few photos of mine from Australia. I decided to split them up via states and cities- hoping that soon I can visit some of the other states. Enjoy!

I’m starting with New South Wales – but all I really have are photos from Sydney, although in my youth I visited several other parts of the state. It’s a very photogenic city!

Canberra – the Nation’s capital – in the ACT

Darwin, Kakadu and Uluru – all in the Northern Terrotory.

Queensland – including Brisbane, Surfer’s Paradise and Noosa.

Thanks for popping by today. Take care – and May the Journey Never End!


7 thoughts on “It’s Australia! Through My Lens!

    1. there is a list that has been drawn up but i dont know what they are and the current government wouldnt entertain the notion of changing the date so at the moment it’s a bit of a moot point.

      1. In my opinion, the fact that there is a National Day around which everyone gathers is more important than the event it commemorates. Think of Bastille Day, should we celebrate the storming of a half-empty jail and all the atrocities that followed? There will always be someone cranky on any date.

  1. Never been to Australia, and your photos make me want to go all the more! It’s the last continent (aside from Antarctica) that I’ve yet to visit, and I hope to dedicate some time in the future to explore it! Thanks for sharing, and wishing you a wonderful Australia Day!

  2. thechilaussies

    I first visited Australia back in 2018 and loved it. Now I moved down here permanently and I love it even more.
    Canberra was outstanding and can’t wait to go to Tassie.
    All the best!

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