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Buildings of Buenos Aires – National Museum of Decorative Arts

So. This is another truly remarkable building in the Argentinian capital, Buenos Aires. Now, one could be easily fooled by the title, couldn’t one? I mean, it sounds like a few mostly beige rooms with fancy cups that definitely wouldn’t be on my list of places to see. In fact, if my wife hadn’t been dead set on going to

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Accommodation Review – Hostal Copacabana, La Quiaca, Argentina

The word Copacabana seemed to follow me around in South America from the shores of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia to Rio de Janeiro. And then there was the Hostel Copacabana in the dusty border town of La Quiaca. I crossed the border and decided to walk to the hostel. It was a bit further than it looked on the map

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City Rumble – Quito versus Lima

Two cities on the western side of South America, two countries that share a border, Quito and Lima both have good and bad sides. They are quite different cities despite being in neighbouring countries, and both offer quite a bit for the visitor. Quito is the Ecuadorian capital. It’s at altitude – 2,850 metres above sea level, and it’s spread

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Accommodation Review – Green House Hostel, Bariloche

Doing another review this week as I’m trying to get them all done before I leave. Bariloche is a gorgeous spot in Northern Patagonia, with unsealed roads and a Bavarian feel. I stayed in the Green House Hostel, in a single room with shared bathroom. It was a great choice, there was a lot to offer the guests, friendly knowledgeable

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Accommodation Review – Hotel Avenida, Uyuni, Bolivia

If you’re coming to Uyuni to hook up with a tour to the salt flats, there’s a good chance you’ll need to stay a night or two in the town of Uyuni. I stayed the night before the tour and the night after the tour, and I ended up staying at Hotel Avenida, although originally it wasn’t my first choice.

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Review – Intrepid Tour to Galapagos – Days Six to Nine

Previous posts – Pretrip, Days One and Two Days Three, Four and Five So it’s time to wrap up the final stage of the tour. The final three days, plus what they classed as ‘Day Nine’, but really shouldn’t have been counted as part of the tour. As I said before. But anyways, when last you left me I was

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