Essential Tips for Travel to Bolivia

Bolivia is full of rewarding places to visit. I strolled through in a little less than two weeks and probably should have stayed longer. Like quite a bit of the continent, it’s at altitude, from Lake Titicaca in the north of the country, to the salt plains in the south. There's so much in this country that you probably never realised. So read on to find out what, where and how!

Need to Know – Destination: Galapagos Islands

Well, they are a group of islands (hardly surprising lol) which belong to the country of Ecuador. They are not exactly sitting just off the Ecuadorian coast though, in fact they are around 1400km from Ecuador, which means there aren’t a lot of buses going there. They sit in the Pacific Ocean, a group of …

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My Favourite Cities in… South America!

Yes, the favourite cities roller coaster continues as another sun sets on the weekend. And this time it’s back over to the Americas and moving southwards to South America. I’ve only been there once, that was back in 2016 now which as 2020 splutters along is starting to look further and further back in time. …

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Cusco, Peru – Through My Lens

Hi All, it's time for another photographic post, and today I've gone with some shots from Cusco, Peru. Not sure why I haven't posted photos from this particularly photogenic city in the mountains, where the surrounding hills make for a magnificent backdrop. The ancient Incan ruins of Qorikancha are located in Cusco. The Santa Domingo …

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