Hiroshima – Through My Lens

Howdy folks. Hiroshima is famous worldwide for one main thing, right? The first city to have an atomic bomb dropped on it. This may mean that some people don’t consider it as the first place to go when visiting Japan, on the other hand some people probably suspect it’s a must visit because of this reason. As far as destinations go, Hiroshima is an attractive city, with a baseball stadium, a castle, and a museum to that fateful day in 1945 attached to a memorial visitors really shouldn’t miss when there. But today is a photographic post, so let’s let the pictures do the talking!

Attending a baseball game – and this was the first in my life, was a lot of fun and the colour and enthusiasm of the fans was the highlight, that and everyone letting pink balloons off into the sky on the seventh innings stretch which was… different. I wonder what happens to the plastic? The team is bizarrely (IMO) named the ‘carp’, but I can only presume it’s because the waters around Hiroshima are full of said fish. Sadly, the Carp lost that day. 😦

Hiroshima is a very attractive city, although I should say it feels a little like a large Japanese country town compared to Kyoto or Tokyo for example. It has a castle (rebuilt) in some lovely grounds with a large moat. Trams ply the streets and you never know who you might meet riding the Hiroshima trams!

At the end of the day, you have to visit the memorial and the Peace Memorial Museum. It’s confronting. You walk past the ‘A-Bomb Dome’, a building that has been left as it was after that fateful day in 1945. The bomb I believe exploded directly above it, which is why in some form it survived. The attitude towards all the memorials and the museum is one for peace, which is something.

Thanks for popping by. May the Journey Never End.


6 thoughts on “Hiroshima – Through My Lens

  1. It looks like an ordinary city and yet … I think that there is great dignity in the sober way in which the past is testified to without hindering the future.

  2. When I was working on a cruise ship going through Japan, we docked in Nagasaki multiple times but never Hiroshima. I’ve heard amazing things, and this post certainly confirms it! I do have to admit I’m particularly intrigued by going to a baseball game…

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