Ile de Goree – Through my Lens

Hi all. A photographic post today – heading to Senegal to the Island of Goree, a ferry ride from the capital Dakar. It’s a pretty place to visit, but it hides a disturbing colonial past. Ile de Goree was, between the 15th and 19th centuries known for its role in the slave trade. It may have a number of interesting French colonial buildings, and it may be close to the most visited place in Senegal as far as tourists are concerned, but it’s also a stark reminder of the past.

Street people and building
Statue Ile de Goree
Rusting canon
On the ferry
On the beach
Goree from the ferry
Flag on the ferry
Ferry waits at pier
Colonial building
Chillin’ on Ile de Goree
Boarding the ferry
Bay at Ile de Goree
Battlements on Ile de Goree

Thanks for stopping by today – May the Journey Never End!


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