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Visas and Train Tickets for India – an E-Surprise!

Hey everyone, hope you’re having a good weekend! I thought I’d let you know how things are going in preparation for my heading to India and Sri Lanka in four weeks’ time (YAY! Getting close!) I’ve had a bit to sort out with accommodation (the usual routine online) – India still appears to provide excellent value for money for places

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A Morning on the Ganges in Varanasi

It was very early in the morning, well before six o’clock. A guesthouse by the Ganges, no sign of the sun. I knew I’d have to get up early, which meant naturally that I couldn’t sleep when I needed to because of the thought of waking up. Still, the alarm went off at not much past five am, I threw

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Guest Post – Why Chennai? By Tim Blight

Hello and welcome to a new week. Today’s post is a GUEST post from Tim Blight from Urban Duniya. People may recall his interview HERE. He’s also participated in a couple of the podcasts. Today he writes about a city I’ve never been to or covered on the blog, Chennai in India. Chennai, on the surface, is not the most alluring of

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My Top Ten Countries [Part Two]

Or if you prefer, my top five as I started the top ten last week with numbers 10 to 6. You can find that post HERE. But here are, or should I say were, my top five when I listed them a couple of years back. I would (and plan to) revisit the list at some point soon. 5 –

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Ebooks, Regrets and Not Enough Time!

Hi folks. I thought I’d just do a quick blog today as time is precious and reflect on my ebooks. For those who don’t know, In 2011-2012 I started work on getting some of my writing published – self-published as ebooks. They began with a book I’d started years earlier called ‘Dhaka to Dakar’ about my journey from Bangladesh to

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World Journeys Podcast – Pakistan with Tim Blight [Series 2 Ep 9]

Tim Blight from Urban Duniya is back in the penultimate episode of Series Two of the World Journeys Podcast. We talk about Pakistan in this podcast, a country close to Tim’s heart, and ask the question – ‘what’s it like to travel there now?’ and talk about safety of course. Also, see how Tim blitzes it on the Capital City

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