Magnificent Mandore Gardens, an India Secret – Through My Lens

Just 9 kilometres from Jodhpur, Madore is home to these amazing, beautiful green gardens with temples dotted all around them. Not many visit, I was the foreigner there at the time, but it was well worth it!

Little Places – Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

Ahhh yes I know, if you’ve been following this blog this year you’ll already know I loved Nuwara Eliya. The idyllic little Hill Country town in the mountains with rolling hills of green, a lake, and curious old world charm. You might even find yourself near a crackling fire in the evening, something that’s rare …

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Samarkand’s Incredible Registan

Howdy all. One of the most ‘fabled’ cities on the old Silk Road is without a doubt Uzbekistan’s Samarkand. It has a number of sites worth seeing, and a great place to experience Islamic Architecture. It’s a beautiful city, with wide roads and then miles of little backstreets in the old parts. When I visited …

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Irkutsk – An introduction to Siberia and Eastern Russia

Last year I fulfilled one of the items on my bucket list, that was to take the trans-Mongolian through China, Mongolia and Russia to Moscow. On the way, I stopped off in a few cities/towns, and my first stop in Russia was the Siberian city of Irkutsk. It was a place I hadn’t heard, read …

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