City Rumble – Beijing Versus Shanghai

Ni Hou! and it’s time for an all-China face off with two of the biggest Chinese cities there are – the capital Beijing and the metropolis of Shanghai. Both are great destinations, and actually completely different cities. There’s around 1,200 kilometres between these two cities, but what sets them apart from each other and which is the better city to visit?

City Rumble – Ashgabat Versus Dushanbe

In the red corner, the capital of Turkmenistan. The streets are wide and the buildings are blindingly white, we have Ashgabat as our first destination city. In the blue corner, the leafier capital of almost neighbouring but not quite because of Uzbekistan, where the influence of Russian culture has not been forgotten, and where building and building continues at pace, we have Dushanbe! But if you were to travel to Central Asia, which one would I recommend? Let’s pit them against each other and find out!