Modes of Transport – the Ups and Downs of taking … the BUS

Bus travel is rarely anyone's favourite from of getting from A to B, but generally it links more places overland than any other transport and is often your only option!

Airline Review – Air Asia KL to Jaipur (also KLIA2)

Hi all. Time for another (sigh) review. Air Asia would be the carrier to get me from South East Asia to India, after my SCOOT flight was cancelled when they decided to stop flying the route. I needed quickly to find another option, and so it was I rerouted to Kuala Lumpur and then took …

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First Taste – Istanbul (Turkey)

Istanbul is a seriously impressive city. I don’t know if, considering the troubles the country is having right now, it’s getting its usual flow of tourists – I suspect it is not. But for me it was my first taste of Turkey before heading south. Which is a little odd in a way considering I …

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SCOOT Scourge – Once Bitten, How Many Times Shy OR Will I Never learn the Lesson of Budget Airlines?

Howdy all. Yeah, a bit of a rant today. My travel plans temporarily thrown up in the air with the news that SCOOT cancelled their flights from Singapore to Jaipur. My flight was booked for the 12th of March, which by a less than happy coincidence is the date from which going forward they will …

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Pensive in Peshawar

Have you ever been to a place and you never quite felt settled? I’m talking in travelling terms here – where you spent your few days there somewhat unsure about the place and the people you met? And the experiences you had? Well, that was how I felt in the Pakistani city of Peshawar. Now …

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Frequent Flyer Fun – Using Points

So after last week’s post about my frustrations with Qantas’s Frequent Flyer programme, I thought I’d write a post about earning and using frequent flyer points, because I do love to collect and use the points, even if sometimes there are headaches associated with the programs. Here in Australia Qantas probably is the program with …

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