Slovakia – Through My Lens

Slovakia is somewhere in the middle there, around Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic, and boasts an attractive capital in Bratislava, some stunning mountains with great hiking opportunities and more. So check out how I saw it - Through My Lens!

Foto Friday – Maeklong Railway Market, Thailand

The trains of the Maeklong Railway in Thailand, not too far from Bangkok, go through this market area. Tourists flock there to see it because the market is fuly set up across the train lines. When the train is nearly due, they put down their awnings and make way for the train, which has precious …

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Photos from the ‘Other’ Bali – Cameroon

Howdy all, hope this post finds you well. One of the highlights of my time a few years back now in Cameroon was a visit to the village of ‘Bali’. For Australians, ‘Bali’ generally will only ever mean the Indonesian island where we flock in droves. (not me, not yet!) In fact, I would presume …

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Sunday Spotlight – Batumi, Georgia

Yes, another Sunday, another ‘Spotlight’, and today we’re heading to Georgia and its second (or maybe third) city of Batumi. It sits on the eastern edge of the Black Sea, and has a population of 155,000 or so (so not particularly big). However, it is pretty much Georgia’s second city, and it is by far …

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