Kyoto – Through My Lens

Hi all! Hope you are well. I just realised today I have never done a ‘Kyoto Through My Lens’ post. So here you are!! You will surely see why Kyoto is not only my favourite city in Japan, but one of my favourites world-wide!

Missing people posters in Kyoto.
View of Kyoto from Tower.
Kyoto Tower.

Kyoto Station
Cherry blossom!
God of money at a Kyoto temple
Cosplay! at the Manga Museum
Cherry Blossoms line a Kyoto street
A view of Kyoto from the tower
Dressing up as Geishas
Interesting couple on the subway platform!

Cosplay at the Manga Museum, Kyoto
Party in the park under cherry blossoms
Zen Garden in Kyoto
Students in the park
Rocking at Karaoke in Kyoto
Ramen in Kyoto
More Kyoto Cherry Blossoms
Lake near the Golden Temple
Kyoto Tower reflection
Jumping for fun at the Manga Museum
Golden Temple on Lake
Cementary in the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest
Arashiyama Bamboo Forest
Another view from the tower


Thanks for stopping by – is Kyoto your favourite Japanese city? Please comment below! And May the Journey Never End!

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