Five Days in the Sunshine! (well, most of them!)

Howdy all! You probably didn’t know, but I’ve been away this week! I worked a little ahead of schedule so that there were posts this week. But now I’m all caught up and I need to post afresh! So I thought I’d start with a little recap of my last week.

My wife and I hopped on board Virgin Australia flight 1515 last Monday to fly to the Sunshine Coast. For those unfamiliar with Australia, Brisbane is the capital of Queensland, and sits between the Gold Coast (to the south) and the Sunshine Coast (to the north). Brisbane is around halfway up the east coast of Australia, perhaps above halfway.

Arriving at Melbourne Airport and doing check-in/bag drop was a pretty poor start to it all. In short, had to drive in peak hour traffic so it took a long while, and then the bag drop after using the automatic check-in machines took ages, which really seemed to null and void the point of the machines.

But all in all we were in plenty of time and after a couple of hours in the air we touched down at the Sunshine Coast Airport at Maroochydore. It’s a small airport, and we walked across to the terminal from the plane.

Noosa Heads Beach

We were staying in Noosa Heads. The area of Noosa is really beautiful. The Sunshine Coast is quite different to the Gold Coast which has a lot of high rise buildings (Surfer’s Paradise for example) and is more glitzy and there are also all the theme parks in that region. The Sunshine Coast is more laid back, seems to have some great beaches with a number of waves for surfers.

View of Noosa Heads

The weather was … cooler than Melbourne. Initially at least. We left Melbourne on a 30-degree day, we hit a maximum of 25 that day in Noosa. We stayed at the RACV Resort, I’m a member of the RACV (Royal Automobile Club of Victoria – it provides roadside assistance and insurance) so I got a discount of 15%. There will be a review coming up!

At the RACV resort in Noosa

We relaxed and didn’t do much except for swimming – the pool was warm and there was a large spa. The restaurant was nice there as well, saw a film and did some walking along the beach too. It was a really pleasant stay, albeit in quite an expensive region.

Brisbane River

We took the bus down to Brisbane for a night and had dinner and caught up with my brother. The day (Thursday) we came to Brisbane clouds threatened but we caught only the tail-end of the rain as we arrived in Brisbane. We didn’t get up to much here, although I haven’t been since 1988. Again, swimming – Thursday being the only day of the week I didn’t go swimming!

Brisbane from the river

Discovered that in Brisbane movie tickets are very cheap. We saw Bohemian Rhapsody at the Southbank Cineplex for $6.50 each! In Melbourne it would be $21!

Story Bridge Brisbane

And then it was time to come home. An emphasis on not doing much but relaxing, swimming, chilling out. Which is what I needed. And I think I achieved that!

Thanks for reading today – May the Journey Never End!

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