Magnificent Mandore Gardens, an India Secret – Through My Lens

Howdy all and welcome to another Tuesday post. Today I’m taking you to the incredible, beautiful and unexpected Mandore Gardens, in Mandore, India. It’s a short ride or drive from Jodhpur, my favourite Rajasthan city and a brilliant destination for all who choose it – in my opinion that is!

When I was there in 2018 I was looking for things to do on the interweb, and I found the recommendation of the Mandore Gardens, some 9 kilometres from Jodhpur city. I’m quite a visual person when it comes to choosing somewhere to go, and if I see a picture or two that really ‘wows’ me, I’m in.

The photos showed these verdant green gardens with temples in amongst them, and frankly, I didn’t believe my own eyes. Rajasthan to me was one of the driest places on Earth, and it simply didn’t look like what I saw. So I knew I had to go there myself and see if it was for real!

I took an auto-rickshaw and I was away! It didn’t really feel like I ever left Jodhpur to be honest, but within 20 minutes I was at the gates of the Mandore Gardens, and I entered. The path led up through amazing greenery. Sure, it could have been kept cleaner, but still the beauty shone through, and there was something a little mystical about this place.

It wasn’t just a holy site though, it was a social place where family spent time together. Groups of friends gathered, it was a regular hangout for many.

And the temples! My goodness me, there were just so many of them, many cenotaphs – or tombs – or mausoleums. Dating back to the 15th century and actually in very very good condition. Sadly there isn’t a LOT of information about each of the temples online. I found a little information, but found it too tricky to match to the individual temples.

Inside the temples too were some amazing bas reliefs along with awesome domed ceilings.

I was the only foreigner at the gardens at the time. Although I could hear the horns and other sounds of India buzzing about outside, but somehow they were subdued from the park. My only issue was with the monkeys, not that they bothered me. There were a number there, and I’m sorry but they are not my favourite animal and I generally like to give them a wide berth!


14 thoughts on “Magnificent Mandore Gardens, an India Secret – Through My Lens

  1. Amazing architecture indeed. You made the right choice by going to such a nice place. It is good to know that your visual thinking is taking you to some amazing places! Nice pictures Andy.

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