My Top Ten Countries [Part Two]

Or if you prefer, my top five as I started the top ten last week with numbers 10 to 6. You can find that post HERE.

But here are, or should I say were, my top five when I listed them a couple of years back. I would (and plan to) revisit the list at some point soon.

5 – Central Asia

Registan – Samarkand, Uzbekistan

So, I copped out a little here and didn’t go for a sovereign ‘country’ as it were. But I’d such a brilliant time in the three countries I’d visited – Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, that I desperately wanted to include them, so I did. I probably wouldn’t cheat the second time around. From the desert and madrassas of Uzbekistan, the steppe of Kazakhstan (not to mention Astana) to the mountains and stunning natural beauty of Kyrgyzstan, the region has so much to offer. And it’s genuinely one of the few places on Earth not teeming with tourists at the moment (well, western tourists at least) so you might have a far more genuine experience.

Altyn Arashan, a highlight of Kyrgyzstan.
Altyn Arashan, a highlight of Kyrgyzstan.

4 – Laos

Golden Stupa, Vientiane
Golden Stupa, Vientiane

Loved Laos. Not sure I would still consider it a ‘Top Five’, but it’s beauty, warmth and quiet friendliness are something I took to heart in a very short space of time there.

Main street of Luang Prabang.
Main street of Luang Prabang.

3 – Ethiopia

Leafy suburb.
Leafy suburb of Addis Ababa.

You know, I bang on about it time after time, but seriously best country in Africa I have visited. And to be truthful – it’s got its own vibe and is very different from every other sub-Saharan African country I have visited. Mountains, culture, kind people, unique and tasty food. History too – so much history! I heart Ethiopia.

banner ethiopia

  1.  India
Temple near Jaipur.
Temple near Jaipur.

Haven’t been to India? Then I’m kinda tempted to say that you haven’t travelled! My top three may never EVER change. The experiences you have when you travel independently in India enrich you so much, you learn so much – about India, the world, the Universe and yourself. Challenging, breathtaking, heart-breaking and more all at the same time.

India banner

  1.  Iran


I often profess my love for travelling Iran, and I’m not likely to stop. I have been to India three times and Iran only once, but I will always hold in my heart this country where the people are simply the warmest, kindest  people on Earth. So don’t be put off by radical rhetoric or the government which doesn’t always seem to have either it people’s needs at heart. Discover truth, beautiful places of worship, historical ruins, beautiful deserts, cities made of mud-brick, and a people who only know how to give. This is the Iran I know.

iran banner

Thanks for taking this trip through ten countries with me. I am sure everyone’s top tens are different – what’s yours? Or maybe to make comments a little shorter – which countries are in your top five? Thanks for reading and May the Journey Never End!

4 thoughts on “My Top Ten Countries [Part Two]

  1. LOVE that Iran is your number one, India number 2, and Central Asia (as a whole), number five!! I’ve never been to Ethiopia or Laos, but My list would probably be sort of similar – with Pakistan in there too, of course 😀

  2. Nice post.I haven’t been to a lot of countries but each place that I had been to has its own charm and diversity.Cheers and happy travels.

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