Monetizing the Blog, Corona Restrictions and Other Life Updates

Well, it's been a tough 2020 for all. How have you been? Today I chat about working on my blog and finally getting monetized, thinking about self hosting and where we're at in Melbourne with this whole pandemic thing!

Sunday Spotlight – Batumi, Georgia

Yes, another Sunday, another ‘Spotlight’, and today we’re heading to Georgia and its second (or maybe third) city of Batumi. It sits on the eastern edge of the Black Sea, and has a population of 155,000 or so (so not particularly big). However, it is pretty much Georgia’s second city, and it is by far …

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Travel Memories – Cambodia (Part One)

Hi all! Cambodia has been in my thoughts lately since I outlined my travel itinerary from 2000 when I visited the country. It was a significant country on my travelling journeys, after 14 months at home following my first backpacking adventure in 1999, I could scarcely believe I was off again November 2000 for another …

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Accommodation Review – The Point, Brisbane

A couple of weeks back, my wife I were holidaying in Queensland. I might have previously mentioned. It included 3 nights in Noosa Heads and one night in Brisbane. It was an interesting city to return as I’ve only been once I think, and that was in 1988 to ‘Expo ‘88’. That time I was …

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