Adventure to an Uzbek Exclave Surrounded by Kyrgyzstan!

Howdy all, and back onto my Saturday journeys around the globe virtually via other YouTubers who really open up parts of the world that you may not have been to. And to start off 2022 I'm returning to an old favourite in Bald and Bankrupt. Mr Bald is back at it again in an ex-Soviet …

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Epic Journeys – Samarkand to Khiva, Uzbekistan

Today I’m talking about the day I left Samarkand, last year, to make my way to destination Khiva, via Bukhara across the Uzbek desert. No border crossings involved in this travel expedition, but it was a journey of around 728 kilometres and there was one key factor I think that makes these sort of journeys epic – I wasn’t 100% sure I would reach my destination by the end of the day. Let's see how it went!

Essential Tips for Travel to Uzbekistan!

So, you want to go to Uzbekistan? No? You should, it’s an amazing country with incredible history and more! Friendly people, amazing architecture, parks, fountains, museums, improving transport infrastructure which now includes high-speed rail, it’s becoming more and more accessible as well, really – it could be the next BIG THING. It could be the next big destination people start to flock too!